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Chinese Medical Telecounselling

Warwick is now offering 50 minute telecounselling sessions throughout the week.

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What is TCM telecounselling?

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Telecounselling has seen exponential growth recently, with technological improvements and COVID forcing its implementation, we've therefore decided to start offering Chinese Medical Telecounselling sessions via zoom. Whether you're a local to the Lysterfield/Rowville area, or you've moved up to sunny Queensland, you can now access a telecounselling session with Warwick.


Traditional Chinese Medicine has always had a strong following, and has been a successful platform for recovery of mental health issues for many centuries. An understanding of the mind, from a classical Chinese point of view can be a radical departure from our usual way of seeing ourselves, and why we do the things we do, and think the way we think.


The energy perturbations or irregularities can be attended to with many methods other than acupuncture. Modified QiGong massage, and point percussion therapy can be self-administered, as well as traditional meditations that are a lot like a well-known counselling technique called Focusing. Additionally, herbal formulas can be supplied via mail once the pattern of dysfunction has been established.


Warwick has been practicing Traditional Chinese Medicine since the 1980's, and has counselled thousands of his clients for many years. Telecounselling is bringing more clients the benefit of his extensive knowledge. With 20 years of personal training with a QiGong master, Warwick is well qualified to apply his knowledge to this form of telecounselling.


For a 50 minute session a charge of $100 will apply. Herbs, if required, will be an additional cost.


Call Warwick on 0432 488 999 to book an appointment. 

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