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Chinese Medical Nutrition

Balance Your Energies

Chinese Medical Nutrition or what we refer to as Yang Sheng is the practice of prescribing food, activities and daily life tasks specifically for the patient to best support their health and wellbeing. Consultations can include recipes, meal-plans, Chinese patent herbs, Chinese teas and daily lifestyle adjustments such as sleep patterns, exercise schedules and work/study schedules, where applicable.

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Our Experience with Chinese Medical Nutrition

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Therese Poon


Therese has spent over a decade of her Chinese Medicine career dedicated to the Yang Sheng (Nutrition and Lifestyle practices). Her teacher Dr. Guo wrote the book 'Listen to your Body: The Wisdom of the Dao' which, among other things, talks in depth about how to eat, sleep, bath and breath according Daoism and Chinese Medicine. Therese has a passion for supporting people on their journey of self healing. One way of doing this is offering some Chinese Medicine and Daoist insights into daily life actions and how they support the bodys healing mechanisms rather than taxing them. If you'd like to know more about Yang Sheng, Meditation, Qigong, and Chinese Medical Nutrition approaches please contact Therese via email


Frequently Asked Questions

about Chinese Medical Nutrition and Herbal Medicine

What is Chinese Medical (CM) Nutrition?

Yang Sheng, when translated from the Chinese term refers to 'daily lifestyle practices for good health', So Chinese Medical Nutrition is a little more than just looking at the diet and seeing how we can adjust your food intake for good health. It does involve what you eat, but pays a lot of attention to 'how' you eat too. The when, where and how's of eating play a large role in health and wellbeing.

What is Chinese Medical Nutrition used for?

Western Medical Dietitians can adjust diets to help manage conditions such as:

  • diabetes.

  • heart disease.

  • obesity.

  • cancer.

  • food allergies and intolerance.

A Chinese Medical Nutrition plan will work with a professional dietician if you have a serious medical condition.  If you're looking to simply improve your health or you'd like to stay healthy to prevent anything more serious in the future, then we can support you in your health and wellness goals.

What is the difference between CM Nutrition and Chinese Herbal Medicine?

In the classical texts of Chinese Medicine it's said that the first approach to health and healing is to prevent disease from ever appearing. And this should first be done with Yang Sheng (Diet, lifestyle, meditation) of which a practitioner will advise a patient on how best to do this.
If the body's Qi becomes too unbalanced we will use the aid of acupuncture, massage and herbal medicines to give a stronger adjustment to the Qi, than regular lifestyle can offer.

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