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Aine Marron

Holistic Counsellor

Aine is an Holistic Counsellor and Mindfulness/Meditation teacher who hails originally from Dublin, Ireland.  Resigning from a corporate career in her mid-thirties, she worked at The Gawler Foundation and sought a psycho-spiritual/holistic approach to the healing of a major health condition more than twenty years ago.

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Intuitive Counseling

Aine's Availability

For: Holistic Counselling, Havening, Meditation

Balance Point - St Kilda Road:

Tues: 11am to 7pm

ACE - Lysterfield South:

Mon, Wed, Fri: 9am to 6pm

*Aine is available in person and also online

Aine's Story

Finding the way

Áine grew up in Dublin, Ireland. Her interest in Self-development and Spirituality began in her teens when she received Spiritual Direction from a Jesuit priest who introduced her to a progressive program of workshops such as Encounter groups and Dream workshops, as well as meditation and retreat. She was in the first class of lay students to study Theology at Maynooth University, originally a seminary. At 22, she emigrated to Australia and spent 13 years pursuing a fast paced corporate career as well as becoming Warwick’s wife and the mother of their two daughters. She continued to pursue her interest in the human condition by studying Social Anthropology and Psychosynthesis.

Workaholism finally took its toll, with average weeks of 90 hours spent at the office and at age 35, Áine was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. Life turned a corner. The next six years were a journey of personal growth underpinned primarily by Buddhist & Taoist ideologies and practices. With the help of sound ideas from Chinese Medicine (compliments of her acupuncturist husband Warwick) and Psychoneuroimmunology and Meditation from The Gawler Foundation (where she later worked), she learned to manage the disease using a combination of Meditation, Stress Management, Diet and inner reflection.

The work of Pema Chödrön was a dominant influence and in 2001 she spent a year as a monastic at Gampo Abbey, a Tibetan Buddhist Monastery located at the tip of Cape Breton Island, Canada where Pema is resident teacher. The Abbey enabled a profound transformation. It allowed Áine to rewrite her inner-script and overcome her blocks around meditation – she was finally learning self-acceptance, a primary anti-dote to any auto-immune disease. She spent the next 12 years promoting meditation and qigong, founding a branch of a well-known international Buddhist organisation in Melbourne and training as a Buddhist teacher and meditation instructor. This naturally led to a Spiritual Direction practice, specialising in Unconditional Love & Forgiveness and Psycho-spiritual pursuits.

In more recent years she returned to study Transpersonal Counselling and now runs a full time private practice offering holistic counselling which includes Internal Family Systems, Focusing, Sandplay & Symbolism, Holistic Time Management Training, Tapping and Guided Meditation.

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